About Spinal Cord Tumar

About Spinal Cord Tumar

Cancer is a horrible disease that only spreads if not diagnosed and treated sooner. Among other things, the biggest problem with cancer is that it is difficult to understand when it develops until it's too late. Therefore you should make regular appointments for routine check-ups.
Any kind of tumor is an abnormal growth that concurs in a particular area, in this case, the spine. The growth can develop within the spinal canal and in the bones of the vertebrae. Should the Spine tumor spread through the entire spine, it is known as an intradural tumor. When the tumor is spread across the vertebra or the bones of the spine, it is known as a vertebral tumor.

Spinal Cord Tumor And Its Types

Although it is not always possible to pay a visit to a doctor every other month, therefore people should look out for symptoms. A spinal cord tumor is one of the things you should keep an eye out for the possible symptoms. But you will not understand the problem unless you are educated about it.

Types Of Spinal Cord Tumors

Tumors are essentially the same, however, the nature of the tumor can determine the types of spinal cord tumor. The classification is also made through the location of the tumor in the spine. Hence under mentioned are some types of spine tumors that neurosurgeons in Lucknow have seen:


Primary Spinal Cord Tumors

These types of spine tumors originate from the spine itself. They are found growing in the spine bones, the spinal cavity, discs, and nerves, among other primary places of the spine. There is a chance for these tumors to spread from the spine itself.
With primary tumors acting up in the spine, a neurosurgeon in Jaipur has studied that most primary tumors in the spine are harmless. Although they can cause pain, they are mostly non-cancerous or benign. That being said, Osteosarcomas and multiple myeloma are the two types of primary spine tumors to look out for since they are cancerous or malignant.

Secondary Spinal Cord Tumors

Although the word secondly may sound non-threatening, these are the more scary types of spinal cord tumor. They originate among other parts of the body and then spread to the spine eventually.
Since they are spreading, it is most likely that they are cancerous. Secondary spine tumors are also called metastatic tumors. These grow fast and have the ability to spread further, causing more danger to health. These are generally found to originate from the lungs, breast, pancreas, etc.


Intramedullary Tumors

A spinal cord tumor in this case is formed within the spinal rod itself. They generate through the cells of the spine. The term intra means inner, and dura means the outermost layer of the chord. Thus in this situation, the cancer cells originate on the inner part of the exterior.

Extradural Tumor

Simply talking about it, this type of tumor is formed on the exterior of the spinal cord. Dura is the layer that covers the spine cells. It is like the epidermis of the spinal cord. Hence, under the situation of an extradural tumor, you develop growth in the outside area of the dura. Some of the common extradural tumors are meningioma and nerve sheath tumors.

Symptoms Of Spinal Cord Tumor

The body works in mysterious ways. You never know what is wrong until you feel something is seriously wrong. The problem is because of the resistance power of the body. People are led to think that they can resist a little pain. Nonetheless, you should always go to a neurosurgeon if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned below:

  • Pain like back pain and in a specific area of the tumor growth
  • Back pain spreading across various parts of the body
  • More resistant towards pain, heat, and cold temperatures
  • Issues concerning bowel movements
  • Having problems in walking and standing up
  • Back pain may get worse during the night
  • Weakness in muscles

Causes Of Spinal Cord Tumor

The problem with a spinal cord tumor, among other developing cancer cells, is that the cause is usually undetermined. Neurosurgeon suggests that it may be caused due to genetic abnormalities. They may be a cause of concern if someone in the family has had cancer.
It may be caused if the person is exposed to certain radiations and chemicals. There may be some environmental factors as well that may come into play. Nonetheless, people should be on the lookout for the symptoms and visit the doctor immediately.

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